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Evil is the shadow that exists just outside our world, continuously searching for a way to come in. Either we wait for that day to arrive, or we can fight it on our terms...

AX OE - Old Earth

When the world was younger...

and the same terrible cataclysm of earthquakes that destroyed the Hittites and Noah’s biblical flood swallowed the land, evil and malevolent creatures were released like a dark wave from their deep earthly prisons to stalk and hunt us unfettered. Myths & legends are littered with these appalling accounts.

The Earth, over time, in the wake of the renaissance...

and the so-called era of modernity - as we humans developed the land and forgot our past, we have become separated from the legends that historically describe our home for what it used to be; lands where, fundamentally, good fought evil, often in the guise of now regarded mythical creatures.

The Earth has not changed from those lands of myth and fantasy...

it is simply that we have forgotten how to discern it, so blinkered have we become. But this world - this Old Earth - is still as it was; one just needs to look carefully...

Believe and you will see.

Eunice smiled and took a fabulous breath, of summer air, but tasted death.

Once upon a time it was a simpler life, but the simpler life had shadows.

I knew nothing but shadows and I thought them to be real.

Fear not the dark, but shadows.

Creeping darkness in the heart of mine.

Watch, watch, the darkness is threatening

Look, look, the people are crying

Days filled with peril are waiting

But all that matters;

is that a few stood against many.

Dark awakening | The earth will not be destroyed by evil, but by those who watch and do nothing.

A few stood against many – the coming black tide | featuring a core group of the Ax Faction

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We exist - most of us blissfully unaware...

thanks to a Cult of the Ax – secret & noble hunters, drawn together as if by some guiding power, each possessing a singular and remarkable skill-set to defeat a specific type of vile creature. This gift is passed down from generation to generation, spanning time, so that at any period in our history there is always a hunter for any type of loathsome creature. The knowledge & lore of Old Earth and the secrets of its entities passed down within these Hunter families.

These dark creatures would love to learn...

the identities of these enigmatic families in order to destroy them...

Their identity, however, is veiled in secrecy...

and only detailed in an ancient imperishable tome; The Ax Faction (circa 1200 BC) now thankfully in careful possession of a reclusive caretaker family, and hidden.

All is not as it appears | featuring Ax Faction Hunter, Raen of Rannoch.

In the midst of darkness, light persists | Ax Faction HQ – Refuge | Northumberland, England

Current year
Existing Ax Faction hunters
Albion | England Present location
Creatures eradicated to date

Hunting Doom-mongery...

A single candle can defy the night | featuring Ax Faction Hunter, The Gilded Saint

The coming storm.

Hope is the last thing ever lost.

I will kill where I wish and none dare resist.

Who can stop it? | featuring Ax Faction Hunter, Raen of Rannoch

Rude awakening | featuring a core group of the Ax Faction

Visions of

AX OE - Old Earth

Hunting Doom-mongery | featuring Ax Faction hunters, the Druid’s Daughter, Raen of Rannoch and the Guardian

Believe and you will see | featuring a core group of the Ax Faction